PC Techs Online

PC Techs Online provides in home PC service at competitive prices. Why disconnect and disassemble your PC to bring it to the technician? Let the technician come to you.

Our prices are competitive with all local in-store services. Check our price sheet.

Add up the cost of the gas, your time to disconnect the PC, reconnect the PC, and any costs related to problems which occur while you are connecting it after bringing it home. PCs that are transported sometimes develop problems that weren't there prior to the 'visit to the technician'.

Save the grief. Have your PC checked out in your environment. Some of our work can be done remotely and some will be done in person.

    We can handle:
  • Hardware and software installations
  • Virus, Spyware and malware removal
  • Computer cleaning (interior vacuum and visual check)
  • Hardware upgrades
  • System security evaluation
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Problematic laptops and more!
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